10 Cute Long Distance Anniversary Ideas

long distance anniversary ideas

These 10 cute long distance anniversary ideas will help make your celebration memorable. There’s no getting around it: long-distance relationships (LDRs)  are hard work. Long distance relationship takes dedication, planning, and commitment to make it work. Celebrating an anniversary while apart is a tough reality of the LDR. While it isn’t ideal, this presents a certain opportunity to really show your loved one how much they mean to you. We came up with ten creative long anniversary ideas will make your significant other feel special no matter how many miles are between you.

1. Plan activities for each other.

This can be an activity that you enjoy doing together or an activity you know the other enjoys; just knowing that your partner planned it for you will make it feel super special. Make sure to come together to discuss it afterward.

2. Give each other boudoir photos.

If you’ve never seen boudoir photos, do a quick google search – these are super tasteful, classy photos that are a personalized gift that are for your partner’s eyes only.

3. Give your significant other a surprise gift.

Wow your partner with a special gift – this can be something they’ve mentioned wanting over the last year, a care package with all their favorite things, or a personalized gift. Don’t tell them it’s coming, so they get the best surprise.

4. Plan to do the same thing and connect about it after.

This especially works for people in different time zones. Plan to take a hike in your respective cities, see the same movie that just came out in theaters, or go to the local museum. Then, fill each other in on what you saw as if they were there with you.

5. Plan a video call.

This is a classic: watch a movie, cook the same meal, complete a puzzle, do an at-home escape room – all while on a video call together.

6. Send “open when” letters.

Send your partner a series of “open when” letters. For example, open when you miss me, open when you’ve had a bad day, open when you need a hug. Put small gifts or letters inside that will make your partner feel loved.

7. Get matching shirts and take a photo.

We recommend looking through our selection of couples’ shirts. Then, take a photo of yourself and stitch the two photos together. You can commemorate the memory, even if it is long distance!

8. Utilize people who live in the same place to plan something nice.

Ask your partner’s friend to decorate their space while they’re gone, deliver a meal, or drop off a personalized gift.

9. Create a photo book to share memories.

There are tons of sites nowadays that make it easy to design a cute, personalized photo book full of your memories. Add personalized messages inside and have it set to arrive on your anniversary.

10. Plan a special FaceTime.

You probably FaceTime with your significant other often. Plan a session with an activity dedicated to deep conversation. We love the New York Times article: The 36 Questions That Lead to Love. By the end, you will feel super connected to your partner, no matter the physical distance.

We hope these long distance anniversary ideas help you take your celebration to the next level. If you’ve enjoyed this blog, subscribe to our newsletter, or follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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