10 Virtual Gender Reveal Ideas You Must See

gender reveal ideas

Who doesn’t love a gender reveal? All due respect to folks who wait until birth to find out their baby’s gender – but we can’t relate. We don’t have that kind of patience – plus the gender reveal is so fun. 

Enough ranting about our impatience. Without further ado, here is our top gender reveal ideas to get you inspired.

1. Colorful Smoke

Who love a colorful smoke reveal. They’re always sure to create dramatic photos and an even more dramatic reaction. There are so many ways to use them, as well. There’s the car tire burnout (also works on your bike, motorcycle, or even tractor), the confetti/smoke cannon, and it can even be used to celebrate a rainbow baby. Whether you want to livestream the event or take photos to share virtually – the message will be clear!

2. Furry Friends

Get your pets involved! Chances are, your friends and family know who your firstborn furry children are. Include a sweet photo of your dog or cat looking expectantly at your belly and share the message. Or, get a photo of you, your partner, and your pup with a prop that says you’re expecting. Put a funny spin on it and take a photo covering your dog’s eyes, with a sign that reads “Shh.. we haven’t told them yet!”  

3. Surprise Photo

Have you ever watched the pregnancy reaction videos, where a soon-to-be mom is behind the camera, pretending she’s about to take a photo of her parents, and instead of saying “Say cheese!” she tells them “Say Jenn’s pregnant!” Honestly, we could watch those compilations for hours. You can get the same effect virtually! Hop on FaceTime while screen recording and tell them you want to take a screenshot in order to get a photo together. Pull the same prank, and watch their reaction. Priceless! You can make a compilation of your own by doing this to all your loved ones.

4. Gender Reveal Candle

A fun way to surprise yourself and your loved ones with the baby’s gender is with a candle. Send a gender reveal candle to your favorite folks and plan a Zoom session to burn your candles at the same time. Watch as the black strip on the candle turns from black to blue or pink and get ready to celebrate!

5. He or She – Break to See

If you’ve been on Instagram lately, you’ve seen the chocolate molds that can be broken with a tiny adorable hammer. Once broken, there’s usually candy inside. They make those for gender reveals! This adorable heart reads “He or she – break to see” and once opened, will reveal pink or blue candies inside. FaceTime your family or film a video to share on social media.

6. Pinata

In the spirit of breaking things open in the name of gender reveals, consider using a pinata! You can choose a pinata that you actually break open, or one where you can pull the strings for a more elegant experience. This makes for some gorgeous photos to share online!

7. Include the Older Siblings

If this isn’t your first child, there are so many ways to include your older kids in the announcement. You can choose to be funny or sentimental – it’s totally up to you! We love this idea, where you create a board full of hearts. Just cut out various colors of hearts and pin them to a board. Encourage your kids to pull the hearts off til they find one that is hiding a secret message underneath! You can write in “It’s a

!” Or, you can put a metallic pink or blue heart beneath the others. Of course, you should FateTime or film this so you can share it with the world!

8. Gender Reveal Tees

If you choose to do your gender reveal in the form of clothing, not only do you get a photo that lasts a lifetime – but you also get a comfy shirt to wear again and again! We recommend having a trusty friend or family member get you our Team Boy or Team Girl shirts and wrap them up. Then, film yourselves opening the box to share with friends and family!

9. Gender Reveal Ball

Looking for more of an action shot? Get a gender reveal ball, like this one! Then, take a video of mom or dad kicking the ball and watch the color explode! You can also throw it up in the air and let it explode when it hits the ground. By filming a video, you can cut the video down frame by frame, and get some awesome photos to share.

10. Baked Goods 

The ol’ bun in the oven pregnancy photoshoot is a classic for a reason! It’s a sweet way to announce pregnancy and you can reveal the gender while you’re at it! Plan a photoshoot and stage your kitchen. Then, cut into a baked good that is dyed to reveal your baby’s gender. The photos won’t disappoint!

No matter how you end up revealing your baby’s gender, you’re sure to create lasting memories. Don’t forget to capture it on camera so you can watch it with your child in the future!

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