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12 Ideas for Pregnancy Announcements on Facebook

Are you expecting a new bundle of joy? Congrats! Now comes the fun part: announcing it to the world! With so many social media platforms out there, it’s hard to know where to start. We suggest beginning with Facebook: where all social media sites really began. Facebook is a site where you share more deeply, so it’s the perfect platform for an announcement. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite pregnancy announcements on Facebook, just for you!

1. Always Read the Fine Print Tee

By posting a casual photo in this Always Read the Fine Print shirt, you’ll test who’s really paying attention! Of course, you can make it more obvious with a caption or by drawing attention to your belly – that’s up to you! We love the idea of a hidden message that will surprise your friends when they see it!

2. Photoshoot with street signs

Have you ever noticed signs that read “Bump ahead” while you’re driving? What about those parking spaces at hospitals that say “Expectant mothers”? Take a photo with either of these signs and emphasize the belly!

3. Movie poster 

Are you tech-savvy? You don’t have to be for this one! Just snap a photo of yourself and the baby’s dad and use a free app like Canva to add text to the screen. Choose a title like “Parenthood” or “Baby (Last Name)” and be sure to add “Coming May 2021” – just update it with your due date. In the photo, surround yourselves with baby gear and clothing. 

4. Get the pets involved

Do your friends know they can always depend on you to post a new photo of your dog every day? Take a photo of yourself drinking from a From Fur Mom to Human Mom mug, with the pet in question on full display. You could even note in the caption that you’re switching to decaf!

5. Prank your friends

Post a photo of your ultrasound on April Fools – which friends will think it’s all a prank and which ones will believe it’s real? Let them have at it in the comments and wait til the next day to break the news – the suspense will keep people guessing!

6. We’re Prego

Snap a photo of yourself and the future dad eating a spaghetti dinner. Be sure to stage a jar of Prego pasta sauce in the front of the photo, and add a sign that says “We’re” above the Prego label. To amp it up, showcase that you’re drinking club soda or ginger ale, and look surprised!

7. Baking in the kitchen

Are you known for your baking skills? Share a photo of yourself with ingredients and measuring cups staged on the counter. Add a caption that states that there’s a bun in the oven! Include a cheeky comment, like “Bake at 98.6 degrees til (due date).”

8. Cat’s out of the bag

Are you a cat lover? Catch a photo of your feline friend with your ultrasound photos and caption it “cat’s out of the bag” – be sure to include your due date!

9. Double trouble

If you’re expecting twins or already have kids, this one’s for you! For twins, get a photo of two matching onesies and add a caption that says “Double trouble is on its way (due date)!” To include your older kids, let them draw on a chalkboard or poster board with a similar message, like “Mom’s in for double trouble! (Due date).”

10. Denim genes

Snap a photo of you and the father to be in your favorite pairs of jeans. Add a quirky caption – “We’re getting a new pair of genes! We’re expecting their arrival on (due date).” This is also a great excuse to go out and buy some new jeans!

11. Promoted to Big Brother/Sister

Help your older kids get excited for the arrival of their new siblings by including them in the announcement! They can even help draw a sign that says “Promoted to big brother!” or “Promoted to big sister!” 

12. Tin can communication

Remember connecting two soup cans together with a string as kids and talking to each other through them? Recreate that by connecting two cans, then holding one to mom’s belly and the other to dad’s ear. Add a voice bubble to the photo with text that reads, “Hi dad! See ya on (due date)!” 

Feeling inspired? We hope so! Whatever aim you go for – funny, sentimental, or quirky – this is just the beginning! Don’t forget to enjoy the coming months – your new bundle of joy will be here in no time! If you’re not a new mom, drop a comment below and let us know how you’ve announced your pregnancy in the past!

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