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12 Pregnancy Announcement Ideas We Love

First things first – congrats on your pregnancy! Growing a baby in your belly is no small feat, so soak up every moment that comes with it. One of those big moments is the pregnancy announcement. With social media, that announcement is way more than just telling your closest friends and family. Here are 12 of our favorite pregnancy announcement ideas.


1. Christmas cards

if you’re announcing around the holidays, include the announcement on your holiday cards! We love the idea of showing off you and your partner’s feet, with baby shoes in the middle. Add a sweet caption, like “The more the merrier!” or “Extra cheer this year!” Be sure to include the due date!

2. Father reaction photo

Capture a sweet moment and share it with the world! Get a letterboard that says “I have no idea what this board says… We’re having a baby! (Due date)” Then, take a series of photos of him with the board – first not letting him see what it says, then tell him to turn it around and read it – voila, a beautiful photo series that you can share and cherish for years to come. 

3. Assistant to the regional manager

If you’re an Office fan, this one’s for you! If you have a child and are expecting another, dress your child in a shirt that says “regional manager” and give them a mug that says “World’s best boss.” Then, include a letterboard that reads “Assistant to the regional manager, (due date).” Don’t forget to include an image of your ultrasound! 

4. Calendar flat lay photo

For this announcement idea, get an aesthetically pleasing calendar, opened to the month of your due date. Add a heart to the correct date, and add baby clothing, shoes, and hats around the calendar. Include an image from your ultrasound and snap a photo!

5. Big Brother/Sister Promotion

Capture a photo of the future big brother or sister with a letterboard that says “Big brother/sister – they say it’s a promotion, but all I see is no pay raise and more responsibility.” Bonus points if the older sibling looks particularly grumpy!

6. Hello pumpkin

If you’re announcing in the fall, why not use pumpkins to help you break the news? Just snap a photo of your ultrasound image alongside a pumpkin and a letterboard that reads “Hello pumpkin – (due date).” Simple & sweet!

7. 1, 2, 3…

For families who already have children, get them lined up and purchase some numerical bubble balloons. Hang the balloons in birth order of the kids, from oldest to youngest. Finally, hold a balloon above the mom’s belly revealing that you’re expecting number 2, 3, 4, or whatever number you’re on!

8. Gamer announcement

Are you and your partner known for your love of video games? Get shirts that say “player 1” and “player 2” for you both to wear. Then, hold a sign in front of your belly that reads “play 3 loading…. (due date.)”

9. From fur parent to human parent

If you already have fur babies, play into that! Capture a photo of mom and dad, each with their own From Fur Mom/Dad to Human Mom/Dad mug. Include the fur baby in question and a letter board that announces the due date. 

10. Food baby announcement

Snap a photo of mom with her belly on full display holding an image of the ultrasound. Have the partner hold a letterboard that reads “Not a food baby! (Due date.)” Make sure you both look surprised and get an awesome photo to share!

11. Ice, ice baby

We have to admit, this one is cheesy but so fun. Have the dad-to-be grab a couple bags of ice, holding one in each hand. Next to dad, the new mom will stand with her hands in the shape of a heart over her belly. Be sure to add a caption with the due date!

    12. The tiebreaker

    This one can work whether you already have kids or not. If not, mom and dad will each wear a shirt that says “Girls: 1” and “Boys: 1” respectively. Then, on a letter board or poster board, write “Tiebreaker, coming (due date.)” The same can be done with kids! 

    Which pregnancy announcement idea is your favorite? Leave a comment below and let us know! If you’ve enjoyed reading this blog, subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Instagram and Facebook.


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