20 Bachelorette Party Shirts We Love

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We love a theme – it totally sets the vibe and creates a feeling of unity. When you’re gearing up for your bachelorette party, you have to go all out, with a full theme and matching shirts! This is the one and only time when it’s acceptable for 10+ grown women to go out in public doing some serious matching. There are so many trendy options out there for bachelorette party shirts. Today, we’re highlighting our favorites just for you!

  1. Bach Babe tanks – It wouldn’t be a complete list without our bachelorette tanks. These are comfy, stretchy, breathable, and customizable!
  1. Wifey & Besties tees – Go for a retro, bold print with these tops! Choose from all fit options, like a v-neck or a crop top, so every bestie can sport a different look.
  1. Bride to Be & Wild and Free tees – These tops have such a subtle design that they might be mistaken for a regular tee, so if incognito is your style, these are perfect! Add your custom location and name to the tees.
  1. Bride & Babe tie-dye tees – Tie dye has made a huge comeback recently, and these tees showcase a gorgeous version of it. Choose your colors and get to partying!
  1. Camp sweatshirts – These sweatshirts are customizable, so they’ll read “Camp Jameson,” or whatever your new last name will be. They come in a ton of cute colors and can be worn so many ways!
  1. Dazed & Engaged tees – This bridal tee’s companion reads “Alright, alright, alright” and we think they’re just groovy.
  1. Camp Bachelorette tanks – These tanks feature simple treescapes and fires, with the bride tank reading “Getting hitched” while the bachelorette’s say “Getting lit.”
  1. Friends Themed tees – Wear the iconic Friends’ font on your bachelorette weekend! The bride’s shirt says “Bride – I found my lobster.” There’s even an assortment of accompanying shirts for the whole wedding party!
  1. Clueless themed shirts – These shirts read “Totally the bride” and “As if!” If you’re an 80’s or 90’s baby, these are the shirts for you! You’ll be quoting the movie all night.
  1. Pop the Bubbly, I’m Getting a Hubby – This tank is perfect for the bride-to-be to sport while her crew wear their own But First, Mimosas tanks!
  1. Wifey & Gang tees – These retro tees are simple, with pastel colors that pop! A “Wifey” tee for the bride and “Gang” tee for the rest of the party share your message loud and clear.
  1. Bride on Cloud Wine – While the rest of the crew is rocking their own bachelorette party tops, the bride will be hanging on cloud nine in this super soft tee.
  1. Wife of the Party tees – With this set, you’re the party or the wife. Take your pick – either way, your group will be ready to party!
  1. Bride Babe retro tees – Another throwback font makes these t-shirts reminiscent of the 80’s. They’re fitted tees, so they’ll hug your curves in all the right spots!
  1. Leopard Print Bride & Babe shirts – Animal print is here to stay! Sport it on your bachelorette party shirts with these simple but sassy shirts.
  1. Bride or Die tees – These shirts are for the rockstars out there. They feature a skull with stylized flowers. They read “Bride or die” and “Till death do us party.” Rock on!
  1. Rolling Stones inspired tees – These tees say “Ride or die” and feature the classic Rolling Stones logo, but with a twist. The tongue is cheetah print! 
  1. Champagne Campaign Swimsuits – Ok, these are technically not shirts, but they look dang cute on the way to the beach, with a skirt or shorts thrown on over top. No one would even know it’s not a real shirt!
  1. Bride & Tribe palm tree tees – Going somewhere tropical for your bachelorette party? These tees sport a palm tree in place of the “I” in both bride and tribe. Don’t forget the SPF!
  1. Bride’s Babes tees – We love the font and hot pink color of this tee! You can dress it up or down for whatever the bachelorette party entails.

No matter how you choose to celebrate your bachelorette party, you’ll be sure to be doing it in style with any of these shirts. They’ll serve as a sweet memento for you to wear for years to come. Who would have thought that a t-shirt could actually hold so much significance? Well, we would think that, but we are a little biased!

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