20 Birthday Gift Ideas for Grandma

birthday gift ideas for grandma

Aren’t grandmas the best? They’ve been there for you in all the big life moments. They’ve helped shape you into the person you are today. They were there for you when you fell down as a kid, ready to put a bandaid on a scraped knee. They were there on your wedding day, smiling from the front row. 

Of course, you want to make them feel special on their birthdays! But what do you get for the woman who has it all? Don’t worry – we’ve got you! Today, we’re sharing our top 20 birthday gift ideas for Grandma. 

1. Personalized birthstone necklace 

Get your grandma something that will symbolize the most important thing – her family! We love this birthstone bar necklace – customize it with the birthstones of her grandkids or children – depending on the size of your family you might be able to fit them all on there!

2. Recipe cutting board

If you have a favorite recipe that your grandma makes, this one is a no-brainer. Find a copy of the recipe written in her handwriting, and get it immortalized on a cutting board! She’ll be proud to hang the board as a decoration in her kitchen.

3. Personalized book

Get grandma a personalized book that she can read to all her grandkids! Add in names and details to make this book the best one in the house!

4. Recipe box

Grandmas always have the best recipes! Give your grandma a personalized recipe box to store them all in. Stick around to help her organize them into the box.

5. Custom house painting

Get a custom painting of your grandma’s house – we like this one. Be sure to put it in a nice frame so she can hang the reminder of all the lovely memories made in the family home.

6. Birdfeeder

Bring a smile to your grandma’s face daily by bringing bird visitors to her. We love this hummingbird feeder, or this window feeder, which allows you to get up close and personal! Just be sure to help her get it set up and maintained, so she can just enjoy the views.

7. Fingerprint necklace

Show your grandma how much her presence has touched you by getting her a fingerprint necklace kit like this one. You can even get one for the both of you, so you can always have each other’s unique fingerprint with you.

8. Birth month flower grow kit

If your grandma has a green thumb, this is a thoughtful way to get her back in the garden. Choose your grandma’s birth month and get her a grow kit. She’ll delight in nurturing it and watching as it changes daily.

9. Garden grow kit

Maybe your grandma is more practical than flowers but still loves to garden. Get her a kit to grow her favorite veggies or herbs – we like this one

10. Book and chunky knit blanket

If your grandma’s special day is during the winter months, a cozy thick blanket and a good book will help her stay warm. This comforting and warming throw blanket, plus a mug of tea and an intriguing book is the perfect combo.

11. Photobook

Grandparents have usually accumulated the necessities, so sometimes it’s best to give them the gift of memories. Take some time to dig out all your favorite photos from your life and hers, and put them in a sweet customized photobook. Services like Shutterfly make this super easy to do!

12. THE VUTE Shirt

Is Grandma hitting a milestone birthday? Help her celebrate her age with a 60 and Sassy shirt. It’s customizable, so you can enter any age to fit her specific birthday!

13. Chocolates and wine 

Perhaps your grandma is more of a wine and chocolate gal. Get her a bottle (or two) of her favorite wine, a customized wine glass, and a box of fancy chocolates. 

14. Personalized map print

Is your family a bit spread out? Bring everyone’s location together in one place for your grandma with this personalized map print – you can choose from 3-8 locations, so you can include everyone!

15. Tickets to the local botanical gardens

For some, there’s no greater gift than time spent together. Get tickets to your local botanical gardens and go for a stroll with your grandma. Of course, you can tailor this to whatever your grandma likes – the zoo, museum, movie theater – whatever she enjoys! You might even treat her to lunch at her favorite spot, and a warm cup of coffee to sip as you enjoy the gardens. 

16. Brag board

Give your grandma a centralized spot to hang all of her favorite photos with this brag board. Be sure to print out some photos ahead of time for her to start with. The great part of this gift is that she can change out the photos for years to come and update the board with new memories. 

17. Custom painting of her pet

If your grandma has a furry friend, get her a custom painting! For most people, their pets are just like their children. Your grandma will be happy to hang a painting of her dog or cat in her home.

18. Cozy slippers and robe

Help your grandma get comfy and cozy with a super soft robe and slippers. We love this Barefoot Dreams robe and these pile fleece slippers.

19. Tea gift set 

For grandmas who are tea-lovers, put together a tea-themed gift basket. If you know what kind of tea she prefers, stock up on the fanciest version of that you can find. If not, you can always go with a fun sampler pack like this one. Then, get her a grandma-themed mug. Don’t forget to add snacks to the basket, like biscuits, scones, or biscotti.  

20. Custom throw blanket

Remind your grandma of her big, loving family with a custom throw blanket. We love this blanket, on which you can add the names of all her kids and grandkids. 

There you have it – our top 20 birthday gift ideas for grandma. No matter what you choose to get for your grandma, be sure to take your time with her and help her savor the day. Spending time with her is the best gift you can give! Is your grandma more of a chocolate and wine woman, or is she a sentimental gift kind of gal? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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