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20 Engagement Announcement Ideas We Love

First of all, congrats on the engagement! Now, to get started on letting your friends and family know the big news. Today, we’re sharing engagement announcement ideas we love to help get you inspired for your own announcement! Whether you’re going for funny, romantic, or quirky – we have you covered!

1. Mr. & Mrs. coffee cups

Get a to-go cup at your favorite coffee spot and have them write “Mr.” and “Future Mrs.” (or whatever form of this that suits you and your partner) on the cups instead of your names. Then, take a close-up photo of each of your hands holding your cups, with your new ring in clear view. 

2. Forever has a nice ring to it

Have a lightboard or letterboard lying around? If you have good handwriting, you can even just write this out on a chalkboard or piece of paper with your best markers. Whatever you choose, write out “Forever has a nice ring to it” and showcase your hand with the ring in front of it. Decorate the board with flowers and the ring box to make this extra special. Check out our inspiration here.

3. Pinky promise ring photo

When you get married, you’re making a promise to each other. What better way to signify this than with a pinky promise in your engagement photo? Be sure your ring is on full display!

4. Wear it on your chest

Share a casual photo of you and your partner wearing matching Off the Market hoodies. Be sure to have your ring out and visible – maybe with your hand up against your face so it catches everyone’s eye!

5. Include the pets

Chances are if you have a pet, you already post photos of your fur baby all over social media. Why not include them in your engagement announcement photo? We love this idea, where you show the pet’s paw on top of you and your partner’s hands.

6. Talk to the hand

Write “I said yes!” On your hand, holding up your hand to clearly show the camera the message and the new ring. Straightforward and to the point!

7. Tying the knot

They say when you get married you’re “tying the knot” – why not announce your engagement by doing so literally? Take a photo of you and your partner with a length of nautical rope, pulling a knot tight. With the ring on display, of course!

8. That’s what she said 

Whatever your drink of choice is, get a couple glasses and write the phrase “That’s what she said!” on one, and “Yes!” on the other. Be sure to showcase intertwined hands in the background.

9. Does this ring make me look engaged?

Snap a photo of your hand, ring, and all, holding onto a “Does this ring make me look engaged?” mug. You get coffee and they get the message!

10. Feyonce

Ring got you feeling like Beyonce? Check out this cute flat lay image you can display your ring with! Of course, we think you should include our Feyonce t-shirt for good measure!

11. Goodbye, “Miss” hello “Mrs.”

Showcase your ring with this clear message on a lightboard or letterboard behind you.

12. Save the date balloons

If you already know the date you’ll be getting married, take a sweet photo of you and your partner, with your wedding date balloons on full display. 

13. He asked, she said about damn time

Do people always harass you about when you’re getting engaged? Poke fun at them with this one! Get a couple of photo props with this saying on them, and hold them up with the ring in sight.

14. For the record, we’re engaged

If you and your partner are music fans, this is a great theme! Write on two records with big lettering “For the record” and “We’re engaged!” Choose if you want to be fully displayed in the photos or just include your hands.

15. We’re getting married silhouette

 This option requires a bit of tech-savviness. First, get a photo of the two of you holding hands so that you form an “M.” Then, Add in the text “We’re getting married!” with your silhouettes making the “M”.

16. Smiling fingers

Looking for a quirky way to announce the engagement? Draw a smiley face on your finger and your partner’s finger. Then, position the ring so it looks like a crown on one of the finders. Add your own message as needed!

17. Scrabble pieces

With these letter pieces, there are so many things you can spell out! Take a photo of your hands with the ring lying on them, and include the scrabble pieces to spell out any of the following: “I said yes,” “forever and always,” or “just engaged.”

18. Scenic photo

Sometimes, you have to let the photo speak for itself! If you got engaged with a great view, utilize that in your announcements! Whether you’re at the top of a mountain, posted up on the beach, or standing in front of a cityscape – a picture is worth 1,000 words. 

19. Pop the bubbly

Get the champagne out! Take a photo of a close-up of your hands, with one person holding a bottle of bubbly and another holding champagne glasses. Of course, be sure to get the ring front and center!

20. My humans are getting married

Make your own DIY sign or bandana for your pet that reads “my humans are getting married!” Snap a photo of you and your partner with your pup or cat (or whatever pet you have!)

Regardless of how you choose to share your new engagement, you’re about to embark on a new exciting journey with lots of news to share. Congrats! It’s just the beginning.

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