5 Perfect Gift For Pregnant Wife

Gift For Pregnant Wife

If you’re here, you’re probably an excited expecting father. Looking for some brownie points? As your wife’s body changes to carry your new baby, your support and celebration will help get her through the tough days. Here is our top five perfect gift for pregnant wife, and celebrate the pregnancy to make your wife feel like the special woman she is.

1. Schedule a maternity photoshoot

This is a no brainer. Whatever your partner’s style is, she will surely want to commemorate her pregnancy with some cute photos. If you want to go above and beyond, book a stylist to do her hair, makeup, and nails. She is sure to feel pampered and loved up with this one.

2. Commemorative shirts

Want to get your partner a sweet “just because” gift? Make her laugh by surprising her with matching “You can stop asking when we’re having a baby now” t-shirts. Encourage her to be loud and proud of the baby bump with our “Does this shirt make me look pregnant?” tee. Is clothing not her style? Bring her coffee in bed in this sweet “Mommy to be” mug.

3. Belly cast

Pregnancy can get very tough, especially the closer she gets to the nine-month mark. Many women will tell you how hard it is to accept their changing bodies. Help your lady celebrate her baby bump by getting her a belly cast kit. If you haven’t seen one yet, the belly cast kit comes with materials to make a plaster cast or sculpture of a pregnant belly and abdomen. The best part is getting creative and decorating the cast once it is complete. There are tons of sweet ideas for decorating to check out on Pinterest. You’re sure to find a style that matches your partner’s aesthetic.

4. Skincare

While she’s pregnant, encourage your partner to take extra time for self-care. Having some alone time to take care of yourself can be extremely important for finding gratitude for your own body – this is especially true while pregnant. Stock up on pregnancy-specific skincare for your wife. Not sure where to start? If she hasn’t mentioned any specific products she is loving, you’ll find this NY Mag article full of suggestions helpful. Make sure to offer to help with the process, too – a foot or back rub is extra special during these months.

5. Gift card bouquet

You’ve surely gotten your girl flowers and chocolates, but have you ever gotten her a gift card bouquet? It’s a lovely gift to give when you want to go all out, but also give her some choice in the matter. If you haven’t seen one before, a gift card bouquet is usually a pot (filled with soil or basket stuffing) with gift cards (we recommend 8-15) attached to wooden sticks popping out of it. The gift cards are arranged to resemble a flower arrangement.

Customize the gift card selection depending on what makes your partner happy. Does she love to destress at Target? Does she have a favorite cafe? We suggest always including a gift card to a beauty store, restaurant, clothing store, and spa. The dollar amounts don’t have to be huge – this is meant to be the gift that keeps on giving, so she can take a gift card whenever she needs a little pick-me-up!

We hope these 5 perfect gift for pregnant wife will help bring a smile to her face and heart. If you’ve enjoyed this blog, subscribe to our newsletter, or follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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