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Custom Couple Hoodies

Learn More About Our Custom Couple Hoodies

Fall and winter weather calls for comfy, warm clothes! There’s nothing better than when the summer heat finally cools down enough for you to throw on your favorite hoodie. Show your romantic partner how much you love them with matching couple hoodies – then hug them close to stay warm! With matching hoodies for couples from THE VUTE, you’ll be perfectly cozy and cute!

THE VUTE was created to help you create custom hoodies and more. We believe in celebrating each and every beautiful moment life throws at us, both big and small. What’s more important to celebrate than love? Whether you’re gearing up for a couples photoshoot, or just want a sweet, wearable way to proclaim your love, we’ve got you covered!

Our “Money maker / Money spender” hoodies are a funny way to pay homage to your partner – poke fun at your partner for being the boring budgeter or the overspender. “She’s my better half / He’s my other half” hoodies are another great, silly way to unify yourselves. You might also go for the “You’re the best / I know” couple hoodies to showcase your coupledom to the world.

Matching hoodies for couples are also a great surprise gift option! Show your partner how much you love them with “Soul / Mate” unisex couple hoodies. “Her keeper / His catch” hoodies are the perfect romantic gift for couple twinning. For a more subtle message, our “King / Queen” couple hoodies are perfect to wear when you’re together or apart!

If you really want to play with the power dynamic, our “The boss / The real boss” hoodies are the perfect gift. You decide who gets which one! Show everyone else who’s who with our “Power couple” hoodies – not that they needed reminding!

At THE VUTE, we also specialize in customization. We know one size doesn’t fit all, so you should be able to customize your clothing to fit you! Our custom hoodies can be printed with whatever text you want, so get creative! Order one just for yourself, or get custom hoodies for you and your partner! With six colors to choose from and sizes up to extra extra large, the options are basically endless! Our goal is to make custom hoodies and clothing that fit YOU, not the other way around.

THE VUTE also believes in creating quality, sustainably-minded clothing. That’s why we have the perfect blend of 80/20 cotton and polyester fleece lining each hoodie we make. The 100% cotton face creates a smooth exterior for your custom text or quirky couples hoodie message. They’re breathable and comfy, so you will feel great running around all day in them.

Our matching hoodies for couples, as well as everything else we offer, are made to order. That means we never make more than we can sell – by creating products that there’s actual demand for, we never contribute to fast fashion waste. At THE VUTE, we promise thoughtfully made, comfortable products that speak for themselves.

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