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How to Take the Best Engagement Announcement Photos

For some of us, being in front of the camera isn’t the most natural thing. Some people light up in front of the camera, and others shy away. But when you’ve got to take photos for your engagement, you have to step up to the plate. Don’t worry, we’re here with our best advice and tips on how to take the most breathtaking engagement announcement photos. 

Find your lighting

Lighting is everything! It can determine how your skin and hair color and texture come across in the photo. For portraits, typically front-facing lighting that shines across the subjects entire face is best. Direct sunlight is no good – you’ll be squinting and struggling to see. Instead, choose a spot with ambient lighting, even if that is in the shade. If you’re shooting inside, try to get as much natural lighting as possible, so take the photo in your best lit rooms with the blinds open.

Pick a theme you love

Make sure you are totally sold on your theme before the photoshoot. Having a theme will give you something to focus on, which will help distract you from any camera stress you’re having. Plus, if you love your theme you’ll feel more confident. The theme might be an aesthetic that you find inspiring, a favorite movie or TV show, or even including your pet. Having your familiar fur buddy in the photo is sure to quell your nerves, though beware – they can be unpredictable and make it harder to get a good photo.

Focus on your partner

Rather than focusing on what you’re doing with your face, body, or hands (more on this later) – focus on the person in the photo with you. Do your best to ignore the camera, and pretend it’s just you and your partner. Afterall, they’re the person you’re most comfortable with. Lean on them to get you out of your head and into the moment. If you have a photographer, they will provide some direction to help you get started. Take that and run with it!

Find a good photographer

Speaking of photographers, they obviously play a huge role in ensuring that your photos turn out well. A good photographer will be able to give you plenty of direction as far as poses and settings that will work best. They’ll also help choose the best lighting and theme, if that’s something you want help with. They can typically provide locations they’ve already scouted out where they know they can get great photos. Lean on their expertise!

Choose a location you’re comfortable in

If you’re taking photos in a new location, you might run into unexpected issues. We recommend visiting the location ahead of time if possible. If not, do some extensive research online ahead of time so you know what to expect. You can always have photos taken at home, where you are likely most comfortable. In your natural environment, you will truly shine.

Practice ahead of time

This doesn’t have to be anything big, but as they say, practice makes perfect! Get an idea of what poses you’ll want to try. You can even test these out with your partner so you know if it’s a pose worth spending time on during the actual photoshoot. Try on your outfit ahead of time so you know without a doubt that it fits perfectly. As we mentioned above, scope out the location early. 

Find your pose

To continue our last point, it doesn’t hurt to test out your pose! Do some Googling on what poses are common. Take a deep dive into engagement photos to see what you like and what you don’t. Perhaps you have a good side and a bad side – use your poses to play up whichever side you like best.

Know what to do with your hands

Sometimes, when you get self-conscious you suddenly become hyper-aware of your hands. On the flipside, you might become totally unaware of them and then be disappointed in a photo that would be otherwise great, if it weren’t for your weird hand positioning. Hands can be used to elongate the body and to make you look feminine and classic. Here are a few things to do with them for a great photo:

      • Give them something to touch (like your hair)
      • Give them something to hold (like a bag, a bottle, or someone else’s hand)
      • Use the hand to flatter the rest of the body
      • Certain angles can hide the size of the hands
      • Be sure not to hide the entire hand

Be sure to check out this article for more guidance on hands!

Go all out on the extras

If you can, hire a makeup artist, a hairstylist, and an awesome photographer. Ask for help from your stylish friends or fashionable employees when choosing your outfit. You’ll get expert results, and when you’re surrounded by professionals, you’ll feel more confident and the pictures will come out even better. Be sure to sip out of your own Engaged AF mug as you’re getting ready to really get in the zone.

Have fun!

Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun! When you focus on having fun with your partner and staying in the moment, the photos will come out natural and effortless. As much as you can try to prepare, once you’re in the photoshoot you have to just let go and enjoy it! 

If you still have a bit of stage fright before your photos, don’t worry – it’s normal! With the right photographer, you’ll come out of it with some excellent photos regardless of your camera shyness. Do you have any tips for getting the best anniversary engagement photos? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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