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How to Throw an Amazing Virtual Birthday Party

One of the bigger headaches of Covid-19 has been transitioning to virtual, well, everything. Don’t get us wrong, we understand the necessity – but it is certainly a learning curve! At this point, we’ve learned that you can absolutely do a virtual birthday party successfully. There are a few things to do to ensure you throw an excellent virtual birthday party. Today, we’re giving you a step-by-step guide. Let’s dig in!

Send Invites & Get RSVPs

As with any other party, you’ll want to know who’s coming. There tends to be a misconception about virtual events – some people think they can show up as they please. For an event as important as a birthday party, you’ll want to be sure to send out invites and set a date that guests must RSVP by. This sets a standard that they need to decide and commit to the event. That way, you won’t be hanging around waiting to get the party started because you’re not sure if that one friend is coming or not.

Decorate Your Heart Out

With a virtual party, you’re all looking at a small square of someone’s house on their webcam. You have to spice it up and make it look exciting. Go all out, get streamers, glitter, confetti, balloons, and whatever else your heart desires. Encourage your guests to decorate their space as well. Pro tip: get a fancy, colorful light, like this disco ball light to really set the party vibe.

Choose a Theme

If you haven’t noticed, at The Vute we absolutely love a theme. So, whether your theme is based on your favorite movie, TV show, color, food – or even if your theme is just a generic birthday party – we support it! By choosing a theme, you can unify your guests. If your theme is based on a movie, encourage guests to dress up as characters. If it’s a color, tell your guests to wear an item of clothing in that color. If it’s food, tell your guests to join you in eating that food during the party. Whatever it is, it is sure to bring you and all your guests together, despite the distance.

Set a Dress Code

If you’re not already having guests dress as characters or in a certain color, set a dress code. Maybe you want to have a really fancy party where everyone wears their finest clothing. Perhaps you want everyone to wear their best clubbing dresses and pretend you’re going out for a night of dancing. Whatever it is, by setting a dress code you’re helping to unite your guests in another way. Of course, the birthday guest of honor should wear something special, like our Birthday King shirt to set themselves apart. 

Don’t Forget Timeless Traditions

Although your birthday party looks a little different when done virtually, don’t let that stop you from partaking in traditional birthday activities! Sing happy birthday, blow out the candles, and make a wish. Even if that wish is that you never have to celebrate another birthday virtually – don’t waste the opportunity!

Plan (Age Appropriate) Activities

Arguably the worst part about virtual parties is when everyone’s trying to talk at the same time, and it ends up being “Sorry – go ahead – no, you go!”. By planning activities, you put some structure and guidelines around the conversation and help keep things swimming along. 

When planning activities, obviously consider the age range of the attendees and plan accordingly. There are some universal games that everyone likes. On-screen games like Pictionary are always great. You can also do lightning scavenger hunts or show and tell – the more random the objects, the better. 

For more adult parties, play a virtual murder mystery game or truth or dare. Never have I ever is always a fun option, as is two truths and a lie. Whatever game you choose, it will help to keep things moving along and help guests get more acquainted with one another. 

Send Party Favors and Supplies

It’s always nice to send guests home with a party favor. With a virtual party, you have a unique opportunity to send supplies ahead of time. That might be a goodie bag of streamers and confetti for them to decorate with before the party. Or, care packages with ingredients to make a signature cocktail. Send noisemakers if you want to get a little rambunctious. You can even send items for an activity you’ll do as a group – tie-dye supplies or art supplies for a painting party, for example. 

On the flipside, it’s a classy move to send party favors. That might be a thank you note with a sampler of chocolates, or mini bottles of champagne. Choose something small that is specific to your personality and go from there! 

Ready to party? No matter what theme or activities you go with, you’ll be sure to enjoy some digital quality time with those closest to you. Be sure to get everyone involved and let the conversation flow. It will definitely be a party you talk about for years to come! If you’ve thrown a virtual party, leave a comment below with your best advice. You might just inspire someone!

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