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Our Favorite Creative Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

With social media bigger than ever, we’ve seen tons of cute, creative pregnancy announcement ideas to get us excited. Whether you choose a funny, quirky, or sentimental theme – the point needs to be loud and clear: YOU’RE HAVING A BABY! We’ve compiled a list of creative ideas on announcing your pregnancy – read on, future parent!

Quirky themed photoshoot

If you’ve read our other blogs, you’ll know that we are big fans of photoshoots. That’s because we believe in celebrating and commemorating every big moment! If there’s something you and your partner are known for – perhaps a shared love of Lord of the Rings, or baking, or gardening – use that as a theme! This will add a sweet personalized touch that will put a smile on the faces of your friends and family. Make the message clear by wearing our “Mommy To Be” tank top in the photo.

Involve the other kids

If you already have children, include them in the announcement! They’ll be excited to be included. We love this idea of a photostrip, with a big sister showing off her many faces. It starts with her “fish face” and “mad face” but ends with a surprised face labeled “I’m going to be a big sister face!” Encourage your kids to make their craziest faces – this photo session is sure to be a bunch of laughs and produce the cutest announcements. Here are some other kids tees you can include in the photostrip: “big sis” and/or “big bro.”

Parent’s shoes, baby shoes

This photo announcement is sweet and subtle – which is why it’s so fun! Write your birth date and your partner’s birth date on the bottom of your shoes. Next, write baby’s due date on the bottom of a pair of baby shoes and line them up so the camera sees the soles of your feet. Here’s an example of what we’re describing – how cute! You can personalize this idea even more by including your older kids or including a theme that is a nod back to your relationship. Did you meet at a country music concert? Instead of regular shoes, use cowboy boots! The options to customize this announcement are endless.


More creative pregnancy announcement ideas


Puzzle announcement

If you’d rather send out announcements to your loved ones, we love these puzzle announcements. Rather than sending a typical paper announcement, go for something with a little pizzazz. The puzzle aspect of the announcement is sure to intrigue, and they’re only 30 pieces, so anyone can complete it quickly to get your message. Send your parents their own special version of the puzzle announcing that they’re grandparents – it’s a great memento for them to frame and save!

Superhero & sidekick

Looking for another fun way to involve the big brothers and sisters? Make your announcement superhero themed with a message reading “Every superhero needs a sidekick!” Let your kiddo get dressed in their favorite superhero costume and snap some photos. Even better – not only will these pictures be adorable, but they’ll also make the big brother or sister even more excited for their “sidekick” to be born. Win, win!

We hope these creative pregnancy announcement ideas help you take your celebration to the next level. If you’ve enjoyed this blog, subscribe to our newsletter, or follow us on Instagram and Facebook.


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