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Top 15 Gifts for First Time Grandparents

Of the big milestones in life, becoming a grandparent is the one you wait for the longest. Such a momentous occasion should be celebrated! Think of all the joy your own grandparents have brought you. They were the ones to buy your first toy that you obsessively brought everywhere. They were there to babysit you when your parents needed a break or a date night. They took photos of you and your date at your first school dance and cheered you on in countless high school sports games. When someone finally becomes a grandparent, it’s so important to celebrate it! Here are our top gifts for first time grandparents.

1. Recordable Storybook 

A gift that gives back! Recordable storybooks like this one allow for the reader to record their voice as they read the book. This is a sweet activity for the grandparents and grandchild to do together, going back and forth reading. Alternatively, the grandparents can read the story on their own and give the book to the grandchild, creating a sentimental gift that they’ll cherish forever.

2. Memories for My Grandchild

This book is another gift that gives to both parties. The grandparents will have a blast filling it in, and the grandchild will one day cherish reading it.

3. Voice Recordable Stuffed Animal

This gift allows the grandparents to record a sweet message that the grandchild will be able to listen to whenever they need some comfort for years to come.

4. Slumberkins Sloth Snuggler

For grandparents who plan to host lots of sleepovers, the Slumberkins Sloth Snuggler is an ideal gift. The plush toy provides comfort, while the night-time book it comes with helps soothe little ones into sleep.

5. Baby Safety Book

For some grandparents, a quick refresher on baby safety is super helpful. Although they’ve raised at least one baby successfully, that was years ago! A baby safety book like this one will give them – and you – peace of mind and confidence around the baby.

6. Digital Picture frame 

With age comes tons of memories – unfortunately, displaying photos of those memories can take up a lot of space! Load a digital picture frame with photos of the new baby. Then, update it over the years with new photos.

7. Car Seat 

For grandparents who are lucky enough to spend a lot of time with the baby, a car seat is an awesome gift. Moving a car seat from car to car is a huge pain, so having their own will make life so much easier. We like this convertible option.

8. Diaper Bag or Backpack

Grandparents are the best babysitters. Keep them prepared by gifting them a diaper bag or backpack loaded with the essentials! We love this diaper bag backpack – fashionable and functional!

9. Hotel Gift Card 

For grandparents who live further away and have to travel to see the baby, a hotel gift card is a thoughtful gift! Especially in those early days, when the baby and mom are back at home trying to establish a routine, the grandparents will be glad to have a separate hotel room to spend the night at.

10. Pen Pal Kit

This gift might take a few years before it pays off – but it will be cherished by both sides! This kit helps facilitate letters between grandparent and grandchild. Who doesn’t love fun mail?

11. What Grandmas Do Best & What Grandpas Do Best Books

Books are a great gift that promotes bonding time between grandparents and grandchildren, plus learning for the latter party. Make it extra special with the What Grandmas Do Best & What Grandpas Do Best books.

12. Promoted to Grandma & Grandpa Tees

One of the best things about grandparents is how proud they are to be a grandparent. Help them shout it from the rooftops by getting them matching Promoted to Grandma and Promoted to Grandpa tees. 

13. Matching Outfits or PJs

For lots of grandkids, there’s nothing better than matching with their grandma or grandpa. With matching PJs like these, they’ll be stoked to have a sleepover with their grandparents.

14. Knack Welcome Baby Giftset

Build your own customized gift set with Knack. Add toys, books, swaddles, and snuggly toys – the perfect combination of items for the grandparents to keep at home for when the grandbaby comes over.

15. Legacy Box

Give the grandparents the ability to immortalize their memories so they can one day share them with their new grandchild. With Legacy Box, the grandparents can take their old videos and VHS tapes and have them digitized. The grandkids will cherish the ability to look back on their grandparent’s history.

Whether you go for a practical or sentimental aim, any of these gift ideas for first time grandparents are sure to do the trick! You’ll undoubtedly make this special occasion all the more cheerful with your thoughtful gift. 

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