18 Anniversary Date Ideas You Must Try

Anniversary Date Ideas

Your wedding anniversary is a noteworthy day that should be celebrated in style. Take a break from your usual date nights and try something new! Who knows – maybe you’ll even set a new tradition. Here are 18-anniversary date ideas we recommend. 

1. Revisit your first date

Anniversaries are a great time to reminisce on where you started out. Recreate your first date – whether that means going back to a restaurant, doing an activity, or going for a walk around your old high school. Wherever you met and first spent time together, take the time to visit memory lane and reflect.

2. Go for a road trip

These days, it’s hard to let go of distractions and live in the moment with your partner. Plan a fun road trip, pack some snacks, and put together a killer playlist. Then, focus on being present together. Let’s be honest: nothing forces you to enjoy each other’s company like being stuck in a car together! 

3. Sing a duet at a karaoke bar

Are you and your partner music lovers? Head out to a local karaoke bar and sing your favorite songs! Perhaps you’ll serenade each other, or maybe you’ll get together for a duet. Whatever it looks like, you’re sure to have a laugh doing it!

4. Take a class together

Learning a new skill with your loved one can bring you closer than ever. Check out classes that are offered in your area – cooking, baking, cocktail making, painting, building, or even a workout class. A lot of these classes are offered virtually now, as well – so even if you’re a homebody, you can set up a fun anniversary date. 

5. Hike to see a sunrise or sunset

Getting active with your partner helps create a team-building atmosphere. Pick out a hiking trail with views, and plan to leave so you catch a sunrise or sunset. Pack a lantern and some snacks, and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment as you catch a gorgeous view of the sun.

6. Hit a farmer’s market and cook dinner together

Rather than one of you cooking for the other, get in the kitchen together! Plan a meal that you both love, and pick up ingredients at your local farmers’ market. Then, work together to cook your favorite dish and sip on a nice bottle of wine while you do. Put on a fun record, and you have a romantic anniversary date planned – right in the comfort of your own home. 

7. Bed and breakfast

Sometimes you need to get out of your usual space. Find a nearby bed and breakfast and book a night or a weekend away. Pretend you’re tourists and walk around the local area, checking out restaurants and coffee shops you wouldn’t normally visit. 

8. Go to a comedy club

Laughing with your partner can help bring you together. Visit a comedy club, have a couple of fun cocktails, and prepare for some tummy-aching laughter. Just beware – if you sit close to the front you might bear the brunt of a few jokes!

9. Go roller skating

Another fun way to get active with your boo is to go roller skating or ice skating. This activity will instantly transport you to being a kid, rolling or skating around the rink, and being silly. This activity is made even more fun depending on skill level – we encourage you to hold hands and help each other along. 

10. Photoshoot

Book a photoshoot to celebrate your love! Whether it’s a milestone anniversary or not, it’s always a good idea to cement memories with photographs. You can go as casual or dressy as you want. Of course, we recommend our Team (Last Name) tees as the perfect wardrobe for the photos.

11. Play mini-golf

Do you have a competitive edge? Take your partner out to a mini-golf course and take bets on who will win! 

12. Have a workout date 

Working out together strengthens a relationship and builds trust and intimacy. Why not get fit together? You can head to a local park, lead each other through some bodyweight exercises, and bring a healthy meal to enjoy afterward. Or, book a personal trainer to guide you through it. Grab a couple of smoothies afterward and be sure to toast and celebrate another year in the books. 

13. Go dancing

We’re pretty sure that some version of Dirty Dancing lives in everyone’s romantic daydreams. Take your partner out dancing and break out your best moves – sometimes getting in some movement, jamming out to the best songs, and dressing up is all you need to have fun!

14. Laser tag

Rekindle your inner child by going to a laser tag arena. Choose if you want to be on the same team or opposite teams – a little healthy competition never hurts anyone, right? Running around in the dark with neon lights is a thrill a minute and will have you both smiling.

15. Get out on the water 

Getting into nature is always a good way to reconnect and create new memories. Rent a kayak, paddleboards, or pedal boat and get out onto a lake.

16. Look at the stars

Plan a romantic evening looking at the stars together by curating a picnic basket full of snacks and champagne. Then, get a comfy blanket and choose a spot without too much light pollution. If you really want to get serious, do some research ahead of time on what constellations and planets you might be able to see on your date. 

17. Buy each other’s outfits and go out

Plan a dinner date and set a budget. Then, buy an outfit that you’d love to see your significant other in. Of course, be mindful of what they’ll feel confident and happy in, but maybe get them a little bit outside of their usual box. Describe why you chose the outfit (for example, blue brings out your eyes or you wore red on our first date, etc), and enjoy a night out! This is sure to make both parties feel extra special.

18. Fill in a relationship memory book

Spend time reflecting on all your memories together with an anniversary book like this one. Snuggle up on the couch with a bottle of your favorite wine and reminisce together. 

What are you waiting for? Choose a date idea, throw on your best duds – or best sneakers, depending on the date you’re going on – and enjoy the time spent with your partner. At the end of the day, no matter what you choose, you’ll be doing what matters most: spending time with the one you love. 

What’s the best anniversary date you’ve ever had? Leave a comment below and share the wisdom! If you’ve enjoyed reading this blog, subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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