8 Pregnancy Photoshoot Ideas We Love

Pregnancy Photoshoot Ideas

Pregnancy only lasts nine months, but photos last a lifetime. Considering all the changes your body goes through to grow a human, it should be documented! Sure, your belly grows – but that is just the external sign of pregnancy. Don’t forget the hormonal changes, faster pumping heart, and extra blood production. Plus, the shift of organs as your baby grows. That’s not even covering the mental and emotional changes. 

All of that said – you deserve a photoshoot! You deserve to feel glamorous and gorgeous. You should document the changes your body went through, and the very beginnings of your baby’s life. Of course, there are so many ways to do this. Here are 8 pregnancy photoshoot ideas we love!

1. Water

There are several ways to do a water photoshoot – you must first decide if you want fully submerged photos, or ones floating at the surface or standing at the edges. Either way, the effect is ethereal and otherworldly. Choose a flowy dress that you don’t mind getting wet and scout out a serene location. The photos underwater allow for your dress to float behind you as your belly steals the spotlight. Photos above water focus more on your natural beauty, silhouetted by a peaceful backdrop.

2. Wilderness

Are you more of an outdoorsy gal? Go for a wilderness theme! You can either seek locations around your town or choose to travel for the photoshoot. The beauty of an outdoor photoshoot is that there are so many types of natural beauty – woods, sand dunes, mountains, snow, sunshine, ocean… the list goes on! A lot of photographers already have locations in their area that they’ve scouted for this very purpose. Play up your scenery by bringing aspects of it into your outfit and have a blast.

3. Cozy at Home

There’s nothing better than a photo that captures you at your most comfortable. What better way to do that than by doing a pregnancy photoshoot in your natural habitat: your home? Especially if you’ve put in the time and work to get your house to a place where the aesthetic fits you – you should show that off! Choose a few spots around your home with the best lighting and bring your favorite home decor pieces into the area, just for the photoshoot. This will make you (and the dad, if he’s in the pictures) feel super comfortable in front of the camera.

4. Movie Themed

Are you and your partner known for a shared obsession? Maybe you’re Harry Potter dorks or Star Wars nerds – whatever it is, run with it! We’ve also seen a ton of great announcements that work other movies into the mix: think Knocked Up, Due Date, and Toy Story (Boy Story… get it?) Whatever the movie you choose, people will get a kick out of it.

5. Spooky Pregnancy

Maybe you and your partner have a flair for the alternative or gothic. This theme can produce really eye-catching photos, especially in the fall time. You can even alter the photos for a really dramatic light to dark ratio. Wear your best jewel tones and get flowers to match. We especially love this photoshoot, where they brought in a colorful smoke bomb for drama.

6. Flower Power

Symbolize how you’re blooming in your pregnancy with a flower power pregnancy photoshoot. This is your chance to go all out and surround yourself with flowers. Choose a scenic location like this, where the otherwise neutral setting pops with yellow flowers. You can also play with water and flowers as one theme by going for a milk bath with floating flowers surrounding you.

7. Pet’s New Sibling

Do you already have furry children? Include them in the fun! This photoshoot can happen at home or in a fun outdoor location. Get photos of your pet looking up at your belly or placing a paw on it. Of course, this will require a pet that is somewhat well-trained and not too camera shy. Our From Fur Mom to Human Mom shirt is perfect for this theme!

8. Bun in the Oven

If you’re known for cooking, this one is obvious! Set up your kitchen with staged ingredients and get out your cutest apron. Include props like oven mitts, cookbooks, and a chalkboard to write cheeky messages on. This is a fun way to include pregnancy cravings, or go classic with an actual bun! You can also include flour handprints – a darker apron works best for this. Just have your partner coat their palms in flour and create a sweet set of handprints on your belly, making it look like they’re holding it.

Do you feel inspired yet? Whatever photoshoot theme you go with, you’ll undoubtedly look back on the photos and smile. Your baby will love to look at them too, one day!

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