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How to Celebrate Your Anniversary During Covid

If Covid-19 has taught us anything, it’s that we should celebrate every event we can. We can certainly use every positive moment we can get. Also, we should enjoy our time together while we can. So no matter what anniversary you’re coming upon – however small it may seem – you should be celebrating!

Covid adds another layer of thought that’s required to come up with an anniversary celebration. You have to be conscious about social distancing and masks. You have to gauge your partner’s level of comfort in regards to going out to eat or in public. It’s a lot to consider – but we’re here to help! If you’re wondering how to celebrate your anniversary during Covid, just keep reading – we’re giving you our favorite Covid safe ideas.

Go Camping

Ready for a little outdoors? Pack up the tent or the RV and skiddaddle out of town! The great thing about camping is you can do it in your backyard, a nearby state park,  or you can make a full-blown trip out of it. If you don’t mind roughing it, you can pitch a tent – or, if glamping is more your style you can rent a cabin or an RV. Whatever you choose, you’ll be limiting your contact with others and getting some quality time with your partner. Pack your favorite snacks and drinks and plan some activities. Maybe you’ll play cards, do some crafts, or binge a movie. 

Take a Virtual Tour

Covid-19 has given us a ton of virtual tour options. If you’d normally be travelling to celebrate your anniversary, consider taking a virtual tour of a famous location. Experience wildlife tours or Yosemite National Park. Take a virtual reality scuba diving tour and you might just see whales or coral reefs. You can even visit landmarks and monuments, like the Great Wall of China. Whatever location you choose, plan the day around it! Choose themed drinks and a meal based on the virtual tour you’re taking and immerse yourself in the culture.

Watch a Pre Recorded Live Performance 

Are you a music junkie? Then there’s no doubt you miss seeing live shows with your favorite bands headlining. If you’re into classical music, get your best duds on and put on an orchestra performance. If rock is more your vibe, The Verge has an extensive list of links to pre recorded live shows from some of the top rock bands today. Do some googling and see what you can find! Maybe you even have an old DVD laying around of one of your favorite musicians’ live shows. 

Take a Virtual Cooking Class

Do you and your partner like to do something more hands on and adventurous for your anniversary? A virtual cooking class is a super fun experience to share with a loved one. For all of our introverts out there, there’s no awkward milling around trying to make small talk before the class begins. You might even enjoy a drink or two during class, since you don’t have to drive! Cozy Meal offers virtual classes taught by world-class chefs. You can also have a private online or in person event with Sur La Table. This is just the tip of the iceberg – there are a ton of options out there. Google your town to see if you can find any Covid-safe classes, or check out this extensive Good Housekeeping list of virtual classes.

Have a Picnic

How many romantic comedies have you seen where the couple has a sweet picnic in the park? You might go for a Sound of Music Vibe – with picnic baskets and someone playing a guitar. Or maybe, you’ll have a laid back picnic like the couple in the movie Up – staring at the clouds and holding hands. We’re getting misty eyed just thinking about it. You can choose to have it in a local park, in your backyard, or even in your living room for anyone currently living through a snowy winter. Whatever you choose, we support it!

Have an At-Home Wine Tasting

Want the winery vibe without the crowds? We got you. You can either DIY it or go with a purchased kit. To create the experience yourself, you’ll of course need to purchase a mix of wines. This is where you get to go all out and buy wines you’ve always wanted to try. Be sure to stock your kitchen with fancy snacks, like cheese, bread, fruit, and chocolate. Set the mood with a sweet playlist and enjoy! If you want a little assistance, there are plenty of virtual wine tastings, like this one, which includes a 5-wine assortment (you choose the size of the bottles,) food pairing suggestions, themed videos from the winery, and live music. If you have a favorite winery, check out their website and see if they offer something similar!

Take a Virtual Mixologist Class

Is your anniversary an excuse to go out and get fun, overpriced cocktails? You don’t have to give up this tradition. There are a ton of virtual mixology events to attend online. You’ll just need a bit of foresite to ensure you have the ingredients ahead of time – they will email you a list at the time of purchase. Hollow Leg is just one example – they offer interactive classes, tastings, and even a custom design class. Airbnb Experiences is also a great website to check out – we’ve personally attended a Sangria and Secrets with Drag Queens event and it was so much fun. Plus, the sangria recipe was actually better than any we’d had at a restaurant. 

Have a Photoshoot 

Stuck at home, avoiding people is a great excuse to have your own photoshoot. Capture the anniversary on film (or on your phone’s camera, let’s be honest) and have a blast doing it! Our Team tees are perfect for the occasion. So find the best lighting around your house, put all your cute plants conveniently in frame, and click away! 

Fill Out Relationship Questionnaires & Quizzes

Reconnect with your partner by getting deep. There are so many great quizzes, conversation prompts, and books out there to get the discussion going. Break out a bottle of bubbly and the snacks, and dig deep with your boo. A few of our favorites are: 

At Home DIY Spa

It never hurts to pamper the one you love. Set up an at home spa date night by lighting all the candles – be sure to stock up ahead of time for the full effect – and turning on some zen music. Break out the face masks, lotions, and massage oils. You might enjoy some meditation with your partner, apply skin and hair treatments, and give each other massages. Celebrate another year together by showing each other you care.

Whether you choose an outdoorsy celebration, like camping or enjoying a picnic, or go tech-savvy by taking an online class, you’ll be in the presence of the one you love. Soak up your time together and be sure to toast to another year!

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