How to Celebrate Your Wedding During Covid

wedding during covid

The last year has been unprecedented. Many couples have had to reschedule their weddings without certainty that things would be back to normal on the new date. If you aren’t able to postpone, here are our top ideas on how to celebrate your wedding during covid.

Virtual Wedding

Lots of folks are opting to have a small in-person celebration with a live video feed. Here’s how to make it special:

  • Send wedding care packages to your guests that include a non-perishable snack and dessert, a mini bottle of champagne, and a wedding favor. For example, a small candle or a personalized coaster.
  • Share directions with guests ahead of time on how to make the signature cocktail to be featured at the wedding.
  • Link guests to a wedding playlist full of your favorite jams.
  • Include toasts from guests who are physically attending and those who are virtual.

Drive-in Movie Wedding

Planning a distanced wedding celebration? A drive-in movie wedding is a super unique way to stay distanced yet present. For this, you’ll need a large screen or sheet to project a visual of the nuptials. You’ll also need a large venue where guests can drive up and park, just like at a drive-in movie. Attendees can stay in their cars to ensure safety. Play the couple’s favorite movie after the ceremony on the big screen and offer candy, popcorn, and pretzels for guests to snack on.

Distanced Seating

A modified wedding isn’t everyone’s dream. If you can’t imagine not having your in-person wedding, consider limiting the guest list and distancing seats. Host the wedding outdoors, require masks, and offer sanitizing stations to help guests feel safe and comfortable. The result will be a cozy, intimate wedding that still aligns with your vision. You can even get formal masks that match the bridesmaids’ dresses and groomsmen’s ties. Even better, offer social distance wristbands that show whether an attendee is interested in keeping their distance or willing to get within six feet of others.

Wedding Tailgate

By hosting a tailgate wedding, you give guests the opportunity to spread out. They can stay in their cars for the wedding, or step out to celebrate with you. You’re giving them the choice of what they’re most comfortable with. Even with this option, we still recommend limiting your guest list. The new couple can walk down the “aisle” of the parking lot and great attendees from afar. Supply all of your favorite tailgate food and drinks to complete the vibe.

Celebrate as a Couple

At the end of the day, all that matters about your wedding is that you spend it with your partner. Keep the ceremony small, with just the two of you and the officiant. Take the time to really appreciate the moment and soak in each other’s company. To make this day feel even more special, ask your closest friends and family to send pre-recorded speeches or messages for you to listen to on the big day. This is a super intimate way to spend the first day of the rest of your lives together.

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