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Unique Gender Reveal Ideas in 2021

Are you in need of some inspiration for a unique gender reveal ideas? Let’s be honest, the gender reveal is mostly just for the parents. If you’re throwing a party, hosting a small gathering, or sharing on social media, one thing is for sure – it needs to be exciting! Without further ado, here are our favorite exciting, unique gender reveal ideas in 2021.

Balloon Pop Announcement Board

Who doesn’t like confetti? There are a few ways to do this. Either way, you’ll need a strong poster board or a wood board. We particularly love the saying “He or she? Pop to see!” Print this or any cute phrase you like at the top of the board. Fill one of the balloons up with the correct color confetti. The parents will have to throw darts at the balloons till they find the one filled with confetti. If confetti isn’t your style, this works just as well with pink or blue paint!

Silly String

If you’re up for getting a bit messy, this one’s for you! This gender reveal can be as big or small as you’d like. On the smaller side, just include the happy couple. Get a few cans of silly string that are not associated with a gender (we suggest white.) Have a trusted person mix in a can of the correct color for the gender of the baby. Be sure to cover up the color on the outside of the can to avoid any spoilers! As mom and dad are spraying each other with silly string, they won’t know which can hold the color of their baby’s gender. For a larger celebration, we encourage you to have a full-on silly string battle amongst your close friends and family – get everyone involved and keep your eyes peeled for pink or blue! For a third option, have the happy couple stand in front of their friends and family and let the crowd cover them in pink or blue silly string.

Gender Reveal Shirt

Want something more lasting to come of your gender reveal? With this option, you’ll have an assortment of wrapped gifts to dig through. Only one box will contain something – a gender reveal shirt! Our “Team Girl” or “Team Boy” shirts are perfect for this reveal. To up the ante, set a countdown, so the couple must find the box containing the shirt within a set amount of time – we recommend about 60 seconds depending on how many gifts they have to tear through. Make it a competition – will mom or dad find it first?


More Unique Gender Reveal Ideas


Looking for something a bit more dramatic? For any car lovers out there, a gender reveal burnout is made for you. Gender Reveal Celebrations offers a non-toxic powder that comes in a small bag. Simply attach the bag to your tire via double-sided tape and pedal to the medal! A cloud of pink or blue will emerge for quite a conspicuous scene.


If you’re more of a sports nerd, bring that into your theme. Throw a party, go live on social media, or film a video. Whatever you choose, this is a fun reveal to watch again and again. You can find gender reveal balls for baseball, soccer, golf, football, and basketball here. Kick the soccer ball, dribble the basketball, or tee up with the golf ball to find out the gender!

We hope these unique gender reveal ideas help you take your celebration to the next level. If you’ve enjoyed this blog, subscribe to our newsletter, or follow us on Instagram and Facebook.


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