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10 Creative Anniversary Ideas For Your Parents

Your parents have spent their entire lives taking care of you. As you get older, you begin to realize how much they’ve sacrificed for the sole purpose of making your life better. Not to mention, you probably owe them one for your crazy teenage years (don’t worry, it’s not your fault, it was the raging hormones.) Parents also tend to let special dates like birthdays and anniversaries go by without going too wild with the celebrations – they’re used to being selfless. 

Show your parents how much you love them by helping them celebrate their anniversary! Whether it’s a milestone like 20, 25, 30, and 40 – or it’s a “smaller” anniversary, your parents will surely appreciate the effort. Without further ado, here are our top 10 creative anniversary ideas for your parents.

1. Scavenger Hunt

Creating a scavenger hunt takes some serious effort, but it’s so worth it. Bring out your parents’ inner children by leading them through a playful hunt.  We recommend bringing them along on stops that relate to their past together. That might be their wedding venue, childhood schools, previous jobs, the location of their first date, the place they got engaged, or old homes. You can also do this on a small scale – for example, leading them to photos of their favorite vacations that they have hanging in their home. Close out the scavenger hunt with the most meaningful location from their past and gift them a photo album full of their memories or a book of letters from their loved ones. Be sure to bring the tissues because this tends to involve happy tears.

2. Book a Surprise Photoshoot

Your parents deserve to feel pampered and special on their big day, and a photoshoot is an excellent way to accomplish that. Go all out and hire hair and makeup artists, but don’t tell your parents what they’re doing til the end. Pick out a couple dazzling outfits and find a sweet location – this can be simple, like your backyard or the nearby park. Of course, if your parents don’t like surprises, you might take the surprise aspect out of this one – but we think the surprise makes it way more fun! 

3. Hand Casting Kit

Are your parents more hands on and willing to get a little messy? Gift them a hand casting kit! You can either stick around and help then with the kit, or let them figure it out on their own. Either way, with this kit they can make a mold of their fingers laced together. Encourage them to wear their weddings rings to get the full effect. Once complete, the mold can be painted or mounted on a nice wood plaque. This is a sweet gift that symbolizes their lives intertwined.

4. Custom Portraits

With Etsy and so many similar sites, there are a ton of options for custom portraits, nowadays. You can go with a classic painting or with something a bit more modern, designed digitally. Whatever you decide, your parents are sure to be touched when you surprise them with a portrait. For the image, you will need a photo for the artist to base their depiction on, so be sure to spend some time picking your favorite photo beforehand. Here are a few of our favorite listings on Etsy:

5. Personalized Wine Crate

If your parents are wine aficionados, this one is for them. There are a ton of options for personalized wine crates, but we particularly love this one. It has three separate sections inside an outer crate. You can add “open on” dates to each crate – whether you want those dates to be future anniversaries or just this one is up to you. Add a personalized message inside and their names and photo to the outside. You’ll add your own personal touch by choosing the best wines to include in the crates. If you can find a wine from their wedding year, even better!

6. Special Locations Map Wall Art

If your parents are globetrotters, this map-themed gift might be right for them. We love the idea of highlighting important locations in your parent’s lives. You can go with a singular map, like this Where it All Began print. You can also go for a series of maps that highlight where they met, got engaged, and got married. We like this one.

7. Anniversary Gift Basket

Who said you have to choose just one gift? We love the idea of an anniversary gift basket. Include a couple matching 100% cotton tees – our A Whole Lot of History tees are perfect. Then, include an anniversary reflection journal. We recommend this one. This will give them plenty of prompts to laugh and reminisce over. If you really want to wow them, include wine, snacks, and a gift card to their favorite restaurant.

8. Wedding Song Art

Want to remind your parents where it all began? Get lyric art based on your parent’s first dance song. We love this one on Etsy. It comes on a canvas, so it’s ready to be hung immediately!

9. Collect of Letters

If you want to make the waterworks happen, this will surely do the trick. Reach out to your parents’ closest family and friends and ask them to write letters for the big day. Ask them to share their favorite memories as well as some well wishes. Put it all together in a sweet scrapbook, or use a digital tool. This can also be done in video format if you’re a little more tech savvy!

10. Then & Now Photos

Remind your parents how far they’ve come with a set of then and now photos. There are so many options on Etsy, depending on the year of the anniversary. We love this simple, modern option for 25th and 30th anniversaries. We couldn’t pick between this 50th anniversary frame, and a similar but more rustic option

No matter how you choose to help your parents celebrate their anniversary, one thing is certain: you’ll make them feel the love. They’ll be reminded why they’re so lucky to have each other, and a wonderful kid like you to help them celebrate!

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