5 Easy Swaps To Celebrate Valentine’s Day During Covid

celebrate valentines day during covid

Let’s be honest – Covid-19 has changed pretty much everything about our lives in the last year. This time around, Valentine’s will look a little different – and that’s okay! We have taken some of the classic Valentine’s celebrations and date nights and given them a Covid-friendly twist. Check out these fun-filled 5 easy swaps to celebrate Valentine’s Day during covid for you and your partner.

Swap #1: The fancy dinner out.

Instead of going out to eat, cook at home. Think of it as a fun experiment, whether you cook often or rarely. What’s your favorite restaurant to go to? What would you be eating if you could go out? Lookup a copy-cat recipe and gather your ingredients. Splurge on getting ingredients to make an appetizer and dessert as well. Break out your finest dinnerware. Most importantly – dress up! By the time you’ve put on your finest duds and sit down to your fancy three-course meal, you won’t even miss the dining-out experience you would normally have.

Swap #2: The dinner & a movie date.

Instead of going out to grab a bite and hit the movie theaters, get take out and rent a movie at home. Plan out where you’d like to get takeout and make sure ahead of time that they will be open. Pro tip: if you can go pick up the food, do it! This way you can look in the bag to make sure everything is correct and skip any possible disappointment. Next, pick out a movie – we recommend going for a classic rom-com to celebrate the day. Rolling Stone has a great list of suggestions. If Netflix is more your vibe, Collider has put together a fantastic list of the best romantic movies on Netflix.

Swap #3: The girl gang outing.

Instead of planning a big girl’s outing, plan a Zoom cocktail making party at home. Choose a leader, preferably the friend that makes the best drinks, to guide everyone through making the themed cocktail of the night. We recommend this Cosmopolitan recipe, à la Sex, and the City. Plan a few Zoom games and you are good to go! 

Swap #4: The double date.

Instead of having a double date night out, plan a game night in. Whether this is an in-person hang with close, trusted friends, or a virtual game night – guaranteed you will have fun. For in-person, grab a fun game-like What Do You Meme. For virtual games, the Washington Post has a great list of options. Up the ante by competing for a prize – our Power Couple shirts are an appropriate (and cute!) choice to add an extra touch. 

Swap #5: The ice skating rink date.

Instead of going to the ice skating or roller skating rink, plan a romantic hike or picnic. Of course, this will depend on if you live in a warmer climate. If you do, pick out a trail that perhaps you don’t get to visit often or haven’t been to yet. Pack your favorite snacks and enjoy time spent together! Rather go roller skating? Grab a couple of sets of skates or skateboards and try your skills out rolling around your neighborhood or local park.

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