5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your husband

valentines day gift ideas for husband

Women are taught from a young age that our prince charming will come along and sweep us off our feet one day. With movies like The Notebook and Pride and Prejudice, it was easy to see how our futures would be full of romance. Like Judy Garland once said, “For it was not into my ear, you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.” This is the kind of love we expected! On the other hand, men are marketed GI Joe dolls, comic books, and video games. It’s no wonder that we have different expectations about Valentine’s Day. Never fear – we’ve put together a list of five creative Valentine’s day gifts for your husband that will bring a smile to his face.

  1. Surprise him with a washed, waxed, and detailed car. If you can find the time to sneak away and get this done – do it! There’s a reason that Acts of Service is one of the love languages – when he gets into his car only to find it has been detailed, he will not only appreciate the cleaned car but the effort it took to surprise him with it.
  2. Leave a trail of love notes for him to find. Whether they admit it or not, men want to feel valued and important. Take some time to think of all the things you love and appreciate about your guy – big or small. Make some of the notes fun, like a funny memory you share, and some of them touching: how he makes you feel. Hide these notes in unexpected places, so he gets a sweet reminder of you when he least expects it.
  3. Send each other surprise gifts. Have you ever received flowers at work? This is Valentine’s tradition because it really makes the receiver feel special. Make your husband feel special by sending a surprise to his work. Branch out from the traditional flowers and chocolates, and send him something unexpected. Order his favorite food to be dropped off at his lunch hour. Get coffee and a snack delivered during the afternoon slump. Drop off a personalized gift, like a new picture of the family for him to put on his desk.
  4. Do your favorite shared activity and snap a few pictures. Whether that’s seeing your favorite band, going dancing, seeing a movie, or hiking- commemorate it with some photos. Sometimes bringing yourself back to an activity that you did while falling in love is all you need – bonus points if you get matching t-shirts, like our “Nothing Makes Sense When We’re Apart” tees!
  5. Create a date night jar. Sit down together with some scrap pieces of paper and take turns writing down activities you’d like to do together or dates you’d like to go on. Talk about why that activity interests you and why you think it will be fun to do with your partner. Put them in a jar and make an agreement on how often you’ll pull an activity to do together. This is the gift that keeps giving!

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