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6 Steps On How To Celebrate Birthday At Home With Family

Whether you’re reading this in 2021 and Covid is spoiling your birthday plans, or you just prefer a more low-key celebration, we’ve compiled a list of steps you can take on how to celebrate birthday at home with family and friends. Fear not – it is absolutely possible to have a joyful, memorable birthday from the comfort of your own home.

1. Plan Ahead

Don’t let the day sneak up on you. Just because you don’t want a big celebration, doesn’t mean it should be forgotten either. Think about what you do and don’t want for your birthday. Will you invite any friends over? Will there be food? Any activities? Give yourself some time to get an idea of what would make you happy, so the day doesn’t pass unexpectedly.

2. Set Expectations

Now that you’ve taken the time to plan ahead and decide just how much celebration you want, it’s time to set expectations. This is especially important to do with your family. Let them know what they can do to help make your day special. Set expectations with yourself as well – a birthday spent at home is going to look and feel different than a big birthday bash. Think about what will make you feel happy and important and make sure to include those things on the big day.

3. Choose an Activity

There are so many easy and fun activities you can do at home. Here are a few ideas:

  • Plan a marathon of your favorite film franchise or TV series and make themed foods (think Harry Potter marathon with pumpkin pasties, polyjuice potion, and a sorting hat cake).
  • Tie-dye shirts, sweats, and scrunchies with your family. Bonus points if you get a cute picture together in your matching tie-dye fits.
  • Have your parents set up a birthday treasure hunt around the house.
  • Play an at home escape room.
  • Have a family slumber party: stay up late watching movies and building forts out of every pillow and blanket you have.

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4. Reflect

Whatever your plans are, make sure you take time to reflect on the year. It’s important to appreciate the experiences you’ve had in the last year and feel gratitude to have turned another year older. Some questions you might ask yourself:

  • What are your favorite memories from the last year?
  • What made you happy in the last year?
  • What did you learn?
  • What do you want to change in the coming year?
  • What are two or three goals you’d like to reach in the coming year?
5. Get Your Favorite Foods

Of course, make sure to order your favorite meal or ask your mom to cook your favorite family recipe. Most importantly, get a cake (or whatever dessert you like)! But don’t forget to make sure everyone else likes it too. You don’t want to be stuck in the house with hangry people.

6. Decorate

Finally, decorate your space! This can be limited to your room or the whole house. Decorating is one tried and true way to really get into the spirit and feel special. Make a balloon archway, get some streamers, and don’t forget to decorate yourself! We have a ton of birthday shirts, hoodies, and more.

We hope our how to celebrate birthday at home with family help you take your celebration to the next level. If you’ve enjoyed this blog, subscribe to our newsletter, or follow us on Instagram and Facebook.


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