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Birthday Gift Guide for Him

Is your guy’s special day coming up? There’s a stereotype that men are hard to shop for – and there’s a reason for that! A lot of guys just do not think to mention what they’d like for a gift until it’s too late. That’s why we’ve put together this handy dandy guide, for every type of guy in your life. Let’s dig into our birthday gifts for him.

For the techies

Does your guy geek out over the latest tech news? Love building his own computers? Maybe he just appreciates technology that makes daily life easier – whatever it is, these tech-inspired gifts are for him!

      • Wireless charger and UV cleaner for his phone – a necessity these days!
      • A VPN service subscription, so he can ensure safety and privacy while online – plus, he’ll be able to watch shows that are only available in other countries.
      • A biometric stash case, which connects to his phone and only unlocks electronically, for all his most important treasures and documents.
      • High-quality noise-canceling headphones.
      • Nanoleaf canvas lights – he can get creative when hanging these lights on the wall, creating his own custom light art.
      • The new Apple watch series 6 and 2nd generation Apple pencil – if your guy is an Apple junkie, this one is a no-brainer!
For the outdoorsy

Would your man prefer to spend all of his free time in the outdoors? From cycling, running, camping, hiking, and hunting – this category is for him!

      • A smokeless, portable fire pit like this one will allow him to make a bonfire anywhere.
      • Patagonia Nano Puff jacket – the perfect weight for most occasions. 
      • A multitool that locks and can be added to keys and thrown in a backpack for easy use. 
      • Garmin InReach Mini – if your guy goes off the grid a lot, this satellite communicator provides peace of mind and could provide life-saving communication if needed.
      • Water purifying water bottle – so even if he runs out of water, he can just fill up his bottle and have clean water in seconds.
      • RTIC’s original hard-sided cooler – this cooler can keep ice frozen for up to 10 days! Investing in a quality cooler is a game-changer for camping trips and it will last him years and years!
For the self-care intrigued

There are a bevy of gifts to choose from for those men who love to take time caring for themselves – whether that is mentally or physically. Here are our favorites:

      • For those guys who are vitamin lovers or have a few medications to remember, the Hero pill dispenser takes the stress out of remembering which pills to take and when.
      • An executive planner and journal, so he can write out all his thoughts and to-dos in one organized place. 
      • A massage gun, like the Hyperice Hypervolt Go, so he’ll never be too sore after a workout. 
      • A personal grooming kit, like the Manscaped Perfect Package 3.0.
      • Aesop travel kit – so he can take care of himself no matter where he goes.
      • They say the most successful people meditate daily – get him a high-quality meditation cushion to help him get into the right mindset. 
For the movie buffs

We all know those people who can quote movies and TV shows word for word. You know, the ones who always have a new movie recommendation and who love to analyze every aspect of a plotline. Here’s what to get him:

      • Test his knowledge with the Cinephile card game.
      • Mini portable projector, so he can recreate the movie theatre at home. 
      • 100 Movies scratch-off poster – whatever movie he scratches off, he must watch!
      • Cinemaps – An Atlas of 35 Great Movies.
      • The Film That Changed My Life – a book with input from 30 awesome directors and their formative moments that led them to where they are today.
      • Movie snack box with all the goodies – put together your own, or go for a premade option like this one.
For the animal parents

If your guy has a fuzzy friend, get him a gift that celebrates that relationship! 

      • Donate to his favorite animal charity in his name.
      • A pet travel tote – this one comes intact with collapsible bowls, food carriers, and a placemat. It fits perfectly on top of a suitcase!
      • Dog silhouette-shaped cheese board
      • A custom pet portrait, like this option, to decorate his home. 
      • Matching pet collar and bracelet – so everyone knows who his BFF is.
      • Volunteer at the local animal shelter with him – quality time taking care of animals will mean the most to him!
For the handyman

Do you have a Mr. Fix It on your hands? Are tools his love language? Consider getting him one of the below handy gifts.

      • Carhartt Legacy tool bag – what’s the point of having tools if they’re not organized? Take it one step further and help him load his tools into this bag and he’ll be forever grateful!
      • Multipurpose tool – this one is key-shaped and has 24 uses including a bit driver, a serrated edge, scoring tip, bike spoke wrench, and bottle opener.
      • 5-in-1 pen so he can write, measure, use it as a stylus and have a wrench at his disposal. 
      • Black Diamond Spot 350 Headlamp – so he will always be able to see what he’s working on.
      • Leather pouch with measuring tape, so he can measure anything in style!
For the family man

Then there’s the family man who is your rock and who is always there to support. Make him feel special with one of the following gifts:

      • The #GirlDad Shirt is perfect for those brave dads who play dress-up and tea party with their daughters no matter how many times they ask. 
      • Put together a coffee gift set for your guy – be sure to include a dad-themed mug, a sampling of coffee beans, and milk frother
      • Dr. Squatch soap and body wash bundle
      • A Personalized grill and BBQ set
      • An Accessory station that holds a phone, watch, and sunglasses.
      • Tickets to see your local sports team – nothing quite beats a day out together, catching some sun, and watching live sports.

Do you have your gift all figured out? Drop a comment below and let us know what you’re getting him! If you’ve had any success with gifts not on this list, leave that below as well and give someone else some inspiration. Together, we will figure these men out!

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