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How to Celebrate Your Birthday During Covid (And Enjoy It!)

We’ve left 2020 behind, but Covid is (unfortunately) still here. Just because Covid-19 is here to stay for the time being doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your birthday! We only get so many birthdays in this lifetime, and Covid has made it clearer than ever that we should celebrate them. 

Whether you’re looking for ways to celebrate your own birthday or an idea to help a friend commemorate their special day – this post is for you! We’ve broken it down into a few categories, so no matter how you like to celebrate, we’ve got you covered.

Ideas For the Foodies
      • Rent a food truck to serve you and your closest family & friends (mask up and stay six feet apart if interacting with people outside of your household, of course!)
      • Order delivery food from the best breakfast, lunch, and dinner spots in town. Don’t forget dessert!
      • Make a gourmet meal at home with loved ones
      • Set up an at-home wine and cheese tasting
      • Make your own charcuterie boards at home (this goes great with the wine tasting!)
      • Take a virtual cooking class
Options for the Health and Wellness Junkies
      • Get a personal training session on Zoom
      • Take a virtual yoga class
      • Do a couples yoga challenge with your partner
      • Do a guided meditation
      • Take a virtual group workout class with your friends and family
      • Make your own superfood juice or smoothie at home
      • Buy that new skincare serum you’ve had your eye on
      • Take the time to do a full self-care routine with every cream, deep conditioner, and facial roller you have.
      • Take a long bubble bath with the works: bath bombs, candles, music, bath salts, and warm towels from right out of the dryer.
      • Get a massage from someone you’re quarantining with
      • Order the products you need for an at home gel manicure and give yourself a mani-pedi
      • Take a long, peaceful nap in a sunny nook
      • Read a self-help or wellness book
Celebrations for the Partiers
      • Have an at-home dance party with the people you’re quarantining with
      • Get a top-shelf bottle of your favorite liquor or wine
      • Play bartender and make fancy cocktails
      • Create a themed menu of snacks and drinks that center around you, the birthday person
      • Get dressed up in your best clothes, order take out food and drinks from your favorite spot, and play your favorite music
      • Play a pre-recorded live performance of your favorite band
      • Watch a set by your favorite stand-up comedian
      • Have a zoom call with all of your friends, agree to dress up together, and listen to the same playlist of your choice
Ideas for the Sentimentalists
      • Rock a birthday shirt so no one forgets it’s your day – our Birthday Queen shirts are customizable and 100% cotton!
      • Put together a photo album of all the pictures you have sitting around
      • Photograph all the things that make you happy
      • Fill out a legacy journal – we like This Life of Mine by Anne Phyfe Palmer
      • Paint the big tree in your yard, or your home, or your favorite nook in the house to sit and read – whatever your favorite spots or features are that you want to remember in the future.
      • Have a FaceTime or Zoom party and sing happy birthday
      • Get a cake and blow out the candles (what’s more sentimental than a traditional birthday celebration?)
      • Put together a recipe book full of family recipes
      • Play We’re Not Really Strangers – a card game for deep and meaningful conversations
      • Record messages from loved ones
Celebrations for the Adventurers 
      • Take a zoom class to learn a new skill
      • Take a virtual mixology class
      • Go on a virtual tour of landmarks from around the world, like the Great Wall of China or the Louvre. 
      • Go for a walk or hike somewhere new
      • Have a car caravan full of friends and family to drive by – honking, yelling, and making merry
      • Have a birthday week with celebrations each day leading up to your true birthday
      • Try a new food you’ve been wanting to try
      • Do a birthday scavenger hunt
      • Have a virtual game night with all your friends
Options for the Artsy Ones
      • Take a virtual tour of a museum
      • Write some poetry
      • Have a photoshoot – with a real (masked) photographer or just at home
      • Take a virtual arts and crafts class
      • Make your own birthday sash or hat
      • Go on a walk and take photos

Regardless of the pandemic, you deserve to celebrate another trip around the sun! If you prefer to keep things more low-key, or you want to get a little wild – there’s a way to celebrate! For more ideas, check out this CNN article that inspired us. Have you celebrated your birthday during Covid? Drop a comment below and let us know how you made your day special!

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