The Ultimate Birthday Gift Guide for Her

Birthday Gifts for Her

Choosing an awesome birthday gift is crucial to showing that special woman in your life that you care. Of course, buying the right gift is much easier said than done. If gift-giving feels like a foreign language to you, you’re not alone. That’s why we’ve put together this handy birthday gifts for her – read on and get inspired!

For the outdoorsy

Is the lady in your life most comfortable in nature? Does she prefer to spend her free time finding new hiking trails to explore or a secluded campsite to pitch a tent on? Look no further!

  • New hiking boots – we love these mega-comfortable boots from LL Bean.
  • A breathable rain jacket that’s easy to take along on an adventure.
  • A durable, functional, and easy to put together tent like this one.
  • For the cyclist, get an upgraded bike lock, lights, and helmet
  • Even the outdoorsy gals want to look cute while they’re huffing it up a hill – get her a matching workout set like this one.
  • A membership to your local botanical gardens.

For the techies

Does your girl geek out over the newest iPhones and computer software? Do you find her checking the latest tech news daily? Consider these gift ideas:

  • A subscription to a VPN service, like NordVPN. Her own virtual private network will keep her internet privacy secured. 
  • An aesthetically pleasing Bluetooth mouse and keyboard to keep her in style and ahead of the tech curve. 
  • High-end noise-canceling headphones, so she can jam out or chat on the phone via Bluetooth connection. 
  • A state-of-the-art Bluetooth speaker, so she can listen to music and adjust it with the tap of a button on her phone.
  • The new Apple watch series 6.
  • A 2nd generation Apple pencil to make her iPad even more useful.

For the self-care enthusiasts

Maybe the special lady in your life prefers more of a pampered life. If she’s always reading self-help books and looking for ways to improve, these ideas are perfect.

  • Core meditation trainer – to help her get zenned out and maintain a consistent meditation practice.
  • A bullet journal with all the markers and pens she could ever dream of – this way, she can customize the perfect planner for all her goals and ideas.
  • A gift card to her favorite spa so she can relax and get a calming massage.
  • An essential oil diffuser with a sample pack of oils.
  • A 6-month subscription to an online counseling service, like Better Help.
  • A session with a life coach.
  • A Book of the Month subscription.

For the beauty gurus

Beauty isn’t every woman’s thing, but most women like some aspect of beauty. Whether that’s makeup, skincare, haircare, or fashion – there’s usually one area every woman is interested in!

  • A beauty subscription box, like Birch Box or Ipsy.
  • A lash growth serum kit.
  • A Function of Beauty customized hair care set. With this service, you can choose the scent and color and add her name to the outside of the bottle. 
  • The Olaplex hair repair trial kit.
  • A subscription to Stitch Fix.
  • Choose a signature scent for her by making a custom fragrance like this one.
  • A luxurious silk pillowcase to protect her hair – we like this one in particular. 

For the pop culture lovers

Is the lady in your life obsessed with E! News? Does she always know what’s going on with the royal family? If this sounds like someone you know, consider the following gift ideas.

  • Icon Note Cards – comes with an artistic, colorful rendering of 20 of the most important women in contemporary culture. 
  • A subscription to People magazine. 
  • A personalized Cameo video from one of their favorite celebs, like Bethenny Frankel (Real Housewives of New York) or Leslie David Baker (The Office).
  • Shirts or pins from her favorite show, like these Schitt’s Creek pins.
  • Queen Elizabeth wrapping paper.
  • Be sure to remind her that she’s the birthday queen with this t-shirt. 

For the animal obsessed

We all know those people who are constantly posting photos and videos of their pets. If that’s your lady, check out these gift ideas.

  • Matching dog or cat collar and bracelet.
  • A custom pet portrait.
  • A giftcard to Chewy.
  • A pet portrait jigsaw puzzle.
  • A pet camera with two-way audio, so she can talk to her dog or cat no matter where she is.

For the givers

Is the woman in your life always doing something for others? It’s challenging to find a gift for someone who prefers to give rather than take. Here are our recommendations:

  • Donate to her favorite charity.
  • Give her a booklet of coupons for various acts of service, like a coupon for a backrub, footrub, or an afternoon without the kids.
  • Volunteer with her at her favorite animal shelter or soup kitchen.
  • Clean the house and get her car detailed while she’s at work – then cook dinner for her and have it ready and waiting on the table for her when she gets home. 

For the side hustlers

Is your lady friend always jumping into new hobbies and coming up with a different side hustle? Here are our favorite gift ideas for those entrepreneurial spirits:

  • An external hard drive, to back up all their business files.
  • A Sticker maker for their creative outlet.
  • Cricut Joy cutting and writing machine.
  • A giftcard to Golden Coil, so she can create a planner to fit her needs and keep it all organized. 
  • A subscription to QuickBooks, so she can track her side hustle expenses and earnings. 

Have you decided on a gift? Drop a comment below and let us know what gift idea you’re adding to your Amazon cart. Whatever you choose, you’ll surely be making her special day all the better!

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